Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Art of Hanging Art

Framing and hanging is a true creative artwork. Like any art form, each master has their own style. Some choose to work methodically, planning and charting where each nail will go. Others work in a freebase form, hanging without rhyme or reason and adjusting until they get it right. Whatever the method, when the artwork in your room hits the right chord, the whole room sparkles.
A large grouping in matching frames makes a statement on a wall.
Tobi Fairley via Elements of Style

Graphical, sparse and off-center, keep this room interesting but not too precious.

Family photos go stylish in this breakfast nook when done in black and white in a variety of sizes.

Don't limit your frames to only pricey artwork (or Ikea like most of us) and family photos. Framed textiles mixed in with canvas and photos make this arrangement interesting.

A wall covered in frames adds unmeasurable personality, texture, color, contrast to a room. The list goes on and on. Accomplishing a wall-o-art is harder than it seems. Here are some examples of an entire wall done really well.

Layering over wallpaper makes the whole lot look more cohesive.
Charlotte Moss's Study

A wall of colorful artwork holds its own against this vibrant sofa.
Elle Decor

Alternating sizes and objects makes this arrangement look interesting.
Tori Mellott's living room for Domino

Level is another consideration when hanging your artwork. While eye level is traditional, mixing it up draws the eye to often neglected areas. My personal favorite is hanging artwork all the way to the floor. I think it highlights your furniture and catches people just a little off guard.

I love the floor to ceiling and a little helter-skelter look of Michelle Adams kitchen wall.

I think that my all time favorite trick is to use a mixture of leaning and layering. Hanging some artwork and layering ontop of it by leaning different pieces up against them. A hint of casualness, it also lets you constantly rotate your pieces without much work.
House and Garden

I love love love this one little piece leaning up against this very symmetrical arrangement.

Using multiple frames of similar size or color is an easy way to make your place look instantly pulled together. The first time I hung matching frames in my own apartment, I felt like I was a real adult.

Artwork is also a great way to add a little fun and humor into your place. Not everything has to be matchy matchy all the time. Do something a little uncommon and see how great it makes your room look. Remember, it's a wall picture, not a tattoo. Go ahead and commit.


You don't have to go totally wild and crazy. This mirror leaning against an unused fireplace is just enough to make this room interesting, but still incorporates the traditional.
John Jacob Interiors

Hanging artwork in stairwell is an esentiall in my book. The space is perfect for interesting arrangements and plan or no plan, it always turns out looking better than when you started.

Artwork and bookshelves go together like cookies and cream.

I love the shelf in the middle of the bookcase, for constantly rotating artwork and photos. I did this is my library and it offers endless possibilities.
Spitz Miller

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  1. it's amazing how much artwork can light up a room. I love some of these pieces. Especially the sea pieces.