Monday, January 5, 2009

This lady wants to lunch...

This weekend I woke up to a stack of unread newspapers 6 feet tall, after a week of neglected reading. So, I'm a bit behind the game on this post. But apparently, the economic downturn has turned into an upturn for DC restaurant hoppers.

Area restaurants are adding prix-fixe menus to their standard line up. A great way to try these restaurants without shelling out a pretty penny. Many are for weekday lunches only, including all three that I'm dying to try:

Restaurant Eve has any two courses for just $13.50 (I will do the full Chef's tasting here one day...I will!)

Hook is offering any two courses for $19

Proof has one course and a glass of wine for $13

Via the Washington Post Article: The Fixe Is In

Image: Restaurant Eve

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