Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Semigloss Green

Bandwagon trend or not, I try to do my eco-part where I can. I actually find my reusable totes much more convenient than hoards of plastic bags. We're very fortunate to have great year round farmer's market options here in DC. And, my local officials and I are in a headlock over the size of the recycling receptacles in my neighborhood.

So I greatly enjoyed the handy eco-friendly cleaning tips from Bloomacious this week.

Images via: Bloomacious

Along the same note. I have a "goal" for 2009. I use the word "goal" loosely, as this was also my goal for last year and we see how well that went. This year I'm going to start composting! Not exactly glamorous, but well worth the finished product. Which, by default would make my second "goal" for this not kill every herb in my garden this summer.

I'm debating between the going simple and going a little more high tech.

Left via: NYC Composting Project
Right via: NatureMill

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