Thursday, January 8, 2009

See it and the jewel box bedroom will come

I'm channeling the power of positive thinking. If you see your life, it will come to you, right. Ok, here is what I see. This is my living room that welcomes me home every night and is filled with wine nights, cozy movie parties and two puppies (who never shed a hair...hey, this is my fantasy)

Image via Better Homes and Garden

And this is my little jewel box bedroom where I fall into a deep heavy sleep each night snuggled in my big cozy white bed.

Image: Mary McDonald's Cottage via Domino

This is my dining room where drink tea and eat a light breakfast while reading the latest blog posts and sit down every night to home cooked meals with family and friends.

Image via Material Girls

And in my life, I drink only Perrier with the specially designed labels.

Image via TheDieline

Here is my library, complete with ladder where I curl up to read the latest novels and host book clubs full of smart, funny friends.

Image via Mrs. Blandings

And one day, I have beautiful little children with little rooms like this.

Left: ??? Right via domino

And all is right with the world. The End.

Ok, life. I see it. Now it's your turn to produce...


  1. Where did you get those pillows from? Specifically the ones on the sofa with the circles and the geometric shaped ones in the bedroom.

  2. Puppies that don't shed hair. Does that even exist?

    -Zane of ontario honey