Monday, January 12, 2009

Rooting for the Underdogs

All 3 of my favorite dresses from last night ended up on some kind of worst dressed list this year. Critics-Smitics, I thought these ladies took some risks and looked stunning. Not everyone loved the patterned gown that Maggie Glyenhall sported, but I thought it was refreshing and chic.

The color of January Jones gown looked stunning with her hair and skin. And I love the origami pleats that made it more interesting than just another one-shoulder affair.

Many people didn't like the side pleats on Eva Mendes, and I admit, it was just a tad big, I think she pulled it off. I'm always a sucker for a white gown the doesn't scream bride, and with the mega-bling, I loved it.

There you go Fashion Police, eat your heart out.

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