Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Offense Winne the Pooh

I have an ever growing file of great kids rooms and nurseries, but I've been opening this particular image about 10 times a day since I saved it a few days back. I don't have kids, I'm not close to having kids, but I do have an affinity for stylish baby gear. It might be the Brio train set, or the stripes on the roman shades (I do love my stripes), but I have a feeling that it's the use of non-baby furniture that makes me love this room. Also, the complete lack of plastic, character-themed anything.

Image: Traditional Home

And some more gear that would fit right in...

Bella Tunno baby gear and a Stokke Trip Trapp High Chair

A Quinny Buzz Stroller and an embroidered blanket from BabyGap

A simple but stylish diaper bag from Pottery Barn and a Bloom Bouncer


  1. OK...kind of embarrassed to admit it but I'm obsessed with baby gear too! I always end up in these conversations with moms about the latest, greatest, hippest coolest strollers and such...they're always like "how do you know all this stuff?!" Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. No, you're certainly not alone! I've also been known to stop moms on the street and ask about their strollers or carriers. I sometimes do the same thing with great dog leashes!

  3. Map on the wall...brio layout on the floor...Is this my brother's room in 1986? Oh no, wait. I would only look like this in my mother's dreams.