Monday, January 26, 2009

Knock, Knock...Red Door Love

There is nothing like a red door to say, Hello, world..Welcome to my home. I have wanted for years to be a part of the Red Door Club. Those people who paint their doors blazing red and make me swoon every time I walk, drive or bike by. I have literally been known to stop in the middle of the street to snap a picture of a particularly great looking door. Alas, I haven't yet joined that club. Until then, here is just a sampling of the great red door images I've collected (Yes, I really do have an entire folder on my desktop called Red Door Love).

Red, western chic courtesy of House Beautiful.

A red door with great iron details from an unknown source.

I know this image is of the home of a fellow blogger, but in my excitement over the door, I forgot to note who.

A red door not enough for you, how about a little red entryway to corral ever present coats and clutter. (Image: Katy Elliott)

This red door makes a great accent to the white and green backdrop of this house. (Image: Style Court)

Red Doors + French Doors = Abby goes weak in the knees. (Image: House Beautiful)

Something about the window high up on this door makes me think that you need a secret password to get in. (Image: Flickr)

The red door, the detailing, the blue stone, could it get any better? (Image: Flickr)

This stately red door makes me think of a grown up doll house. (Image: Feng Sui Society)

Oh, this makes me want to monogram my future red door. (Image: Flickr)

I love this knot-like door knocker. (Image: Erik Johnson)

Red doors look good on any style of home. (Image: ??)

What to do when your neighbor paints their door red too? One up them and paint the whole fence! (Image: Flickr)

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  1. I love both the red door and the red fence. It's such a great match together.