Monday, January 19, 2009

A Fireplace Makeover

When a new chapter in life opens, sometimes your old room just feels so wrong for you. Your life has grown and evolved and your paint color has stayed exactly the same. It's time for a change. So it is with my good friend who is making over the living room and fireplace in her home. You remember from Christmas that good living is not lost on her, and I was thrilled when she asked for some ideas.

Here's a pic I snapped at Christmas of the fireplace and one wall in the living room. What will the after look like?.....Who knows!

And these are the two inspiration shots she sent over to me. I immediately went rummaging through my tearsheet files because I knew I had seen this first image before. It's from Better Homes and Gardens (Sept 08) with a note scribbled on the side from me "Chic, homey fireplace." Perfect for this house.

These are some of the paint colors we're pondering. Both from Behr, the left is Warm Glow (360D-4) possibly with the right as some kind of accent on the walls or in the accessories; Opulent (S-H-300). (A faint reminder of the color of the year/ fav cocktail?)

And here are some of the other files I pulled out for inspiration:

Image: Domino, May 2007

Image: Domino

Image: Domino, November 2007

Image: Domino, November 2007 (a great issue for living room/fireplace inspiration)

Image: Michael Smith (aka. Future First Decorator)

Image: Martha Stewart

Image via Shelter

Stay tuned for future posts on the fireplace progress...This project is just getting started!


  1. I actually believed till I was 12 years old that Santa was real. At least he was nice to me and gave me lots of chocolates.