Monday, December 29, 2008

Mom's Advice: Hot and Not in 2009

My mother has lots of advice to give. Usually received in tidbits and words of wisdom jotted down in random emails. Here is this morning's note:

Dear Abby,
Thank you again for the monogram tote for Christmas, I love it. Monograms are hot for 2009, and so is Domino magazine! Panty hose are so out they don't even make the Hot or Not list. (My mother and I have a longstanding argument over the generation gap that makes panty hose a social requirement. My side seems to be gaining ground this year.)
Love, Mom

Enclosed in the email was this link from the Detroit News, my hometown paper. I thought this Hot or Not list was particularly funny with style and decorating items mixed in with items like home foreclosures (so out in 2009, if you didn't know) and clipping coupons. Here are some of my favorites:

So Hot for 2009:

Gray, the new neutral

Image: Domino

Domino Magazine-An eternal Hot List staple

Home Cooking- Perhaps because of the economy? Either way, a girl has to eat, so you might as well be able to make something yummy for yourself. I received the classic Julia Child cookbook for Christmas and plan to work my way through french cuisine in 2009. I think my friends are now scared to eat at my house.

Monograms- A little monogramming goes a long way to making you the most stylish person around. These are Pottery Barn pillows, which happen to be on sale right this very minute!

Drama Drapes

Polka Dots- I'm on the fence about this one in terms of your home. I would be afraid of living in a circus room. Others may disagree. But...polka dot rain boots make rainy day dog walking so much cheerier. These affordable little beauties are from Target!

Yellow as an accent hue

So Not Hot for 2009:

Cottage Living Closing- Yes, the loss of this shelter magazine is truly sad. How else am I going to sip coffee while thumbing through the pages and dreaming of my future beach cottage?

Quotations printed on walls

Brown and Blue color combination- I don't like to rule color combos out all together, but I agree that this has never been my favorite. I think you can make it work if you keep the blues as light as possible.

Vertical/Mini Blinds-Sometimes blinds are essential for privacy, but I think the offenders they are referring to here are the plastic apartment-rental staples. Why do those, when there are so many cotton and natural weave options available.

Orange as an accent hue- Ok, the Detroit News and I are going toe to toe on this one, because I adamantly object. I think that orange is a warm, fresh way to bring color to especially neutral rooms.

Image: Ruthie Sommers via Material Girls

Koi ponds

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  1. The boats with the polka dots are super nice. Mom's wisdom is worth a lot. We take it for granted. Mother's know best though.

    -Zane of ontario honey